Dragon Cliff newbie guide, secrets, tactics, hints


  • Pubs. New adventurers every 20 days. Unopened classes don’t appear in the pub. Each adventure has a chance to show new adventurers. After 45 days adventurers leave;
  • Residents. Residents bring a variety of gains. Each expedition successfully refreshes new residents, and they are free to expel residents. The maximum limit of residents is 25. Resident adventure properties appear after the pier is unlocked, and former residents do not have exploratory properties;
  • Weapons shop, armor shop. Build weapons, armor. Get drawings and materials by taking risks and build equipment based on capacity increase rates.
  • Stores. Purchase punchers, quest items, potions, and rings; Chaos can buy universal holes, scrolls, etc. after unlocking. Every 20 days update, the adventure successfully adds a new ring (affected by the map level);
  • College. Upgrading general attacks, tactics, passives, and manufacturing scrolls. Passive needs to acquire skill books through adventures. After obtaining the blueprint of the reel, unlock the manufacturing reel, and at the same time unlock the adventurer No. 4 grid. The material of the reel is rare materials for each figure (the lower layer also drops, and the odds are low);
  • Furnace. Synthesis (3 in 1, Rise of rarity), Enchanting (an ancient addition of an attribute, two stars), Decomposition (the main source of demonic debris), Effect transfer (Transfer a yellow or orange special effects to the scroll);
  • Terminal. After the expedition is unlocked, the dock appears and a maximum of 3 boats can be made at the same time.

Gain effect ceiling

  • Capacity increase limit: 5000%;
  • Rise in production and dropped items: 3000%;
  • Chest rarity enhancement: 1000%;
  • Increased training points: 1000%;
  • Weapons and Armor Price: 1500%.


  • Preachers are considered to be more important in the early period. As a pure milk, missionaries can easily milk full of bloodstains, but because the initiative is a single milk, the Wenyu ring is needed to increase the number of milk. Source: automatic acquisition;
  • Scholars can make up for the lack of an ae in the early period. The disadvantage is that they need to be manually and more troublesome. Source: automatic acquisition;
  • Streets' strong man have generally passive skills. Source: automatic acquisition;
  • Killers have aura plus strength, even if the general attack can also be played quickly. Source: automatic acquisition;
  • Soul thiefs belongs to the control class output, the earlier use is not so great, it is very useful to the later period. Source: Mulin 7-storey and above wood forest;
  • Warriors can weaken physical defenses and can use the swallow fire to fight higher damage. Source: Mulin 10 floors and above;
  • Fire-spitting assassins didn't look anything special at first glance, but after using it, it was not easy to find the job. After the injury was stacked up, it could be said to be very explosive. You can rest. However, this career has a weakness. Once the monster control is strong, the buff will not stack up and the damage will be normal. Source: Fog forest;
  • Fighters can weaken the monster's output, and at the same time, he has a chance to give the injury buff during the teammate's action. Passive and somewhat tasteless, he can directly control the seconds before and can't move late. Source: Fog forest;
  • Red killers general attack can be said to be quite good, with the spirit of the soul after the temporary increase in killing measurements, is simply cool. Source: Fog forest;
  • Jiajiao priests are passive group milk, but the amount of milk is not too high. Compared with the missionary, the only bright spot is that the milk can be output at the same time. Source: Spring fog forest;
  • Fashion boys output is good, it is important that crit can add an injury, it is very useful for crit. Source: Snow Mountain;
  • The Bun Sister is a pure assistant, passive can ignore, can increase resistance to teammates, late available. Source: Snow Mountain;
  • The Fang Pu attack aoe, more importantly, the party is the output of milk, but in fact the party's milk is to respond to attackers, so the practicality is not as high as the imagination. Source: Snow Mountain;
  • The Strategy master is of course very useful. The tactics can immune to and bounce 3 damages. The stacking tactics are used casually. The only drawback is manual, and of course, there is no need to use the strategy master to hang up. Source: Imperial Mausoleum 30+;
  • The Elemental Mage is a subordinate alternative to the tactician, and is generally a law-abiding aoe, but tactics can immunize all 3 damages. Source: Temple of burial;
  • The Firefox is a pure output, and the tactics can clear their negative side and burst out at the same time. Source: Temple of burial;
  • Armored soldiers are also an aid, which can reduce the intelligence of the opposite and disperse a layer of gain. Passive can make the friendly attack carry real damage. Source: Temple of burial;
  • The spiritualist is a summoner. There is always no harm in an ally, and no output can share the damage. Source: Northern Region;

Career growth

This is very interesting, in general, the higher the quality of the role, of course, the better the property will be, but also the ancient, the growth may vary greatly, where is the specific manifestation, that is, repair card. First of all, the above two figures are the first ancient element masters. It can be seen that the lowest explosion blown out is not less than 11.5% and the highest is 13.6%. Then we look at the following. The same is ancient, with the lowest explosion rate of 9.6% and the highest level not exceeding 11.4%. The difference is quite obvious. Here is mainly to explain why I said above that there is no need to deliberately summon ancient times, and some high-growth legends are even more ancient.

Star equipment

The stars' equipment is the highest level of the current equipment, but in fact it is a yellow extra effect on the ancient basis.

The star armor can be obtained by creating or synthesizing, and the weapon can be obtained from a wider source. It can be created, synthesized, explored, boss box, and the star effects of the weapon armor are completely random, but the effect of the ring reel will not appear.

Star Rings can be acquired through the embers task, common ember drops have a low probability of falling, and the Star Effect corresponds to the ring name.

The composition of the reels must be ancient, and the special effects of the stars are also the names of the corresponding reels.


  • On the left, you can select a ship and send out explorations;
  • Expeditions can retrieve book scraps, magic crystal powder, gold coins, class 2 equipment, and class 8 weapons (increased with the level of customs clearance maps);
  • The higher the various exploration attributes, the greater the success rate and the number;
  • After the expedition came out, the gold coins were not lacking at all. You can choose to increase the price of the residents to rarity and create speed residents.


When it comes to gems, there is one thing that is essential. With this effect, we can begin to brush gems. Generally choose the highest level of gems that can easily pass through the brush at the moment. 7 gems may be faster with the rest of the brush. 8 stone to hardwood forest 1 brush is still pretty fast, 9 gem is going to difficult 100 layers.

Heroes, residents

This is very simple, choose a group of attacking heroes, no brain hooking machine. Occasionally there will be spare time missions. Be a more comfortable method of brushing 7 gemstones, but pay attention to customs clearance within the mission time, otherwise no reward. And the Yu Xin task may have a star ring, it's still good (difficult ambition must be a star ring).

Chaos beyond

The following gameplay does not require shields, low equipment requirements, and is suitable for friends who do not like equipment and SL. Due to the chaos limit of 250s, plus other occupational output with too much difference in the fire, the current safe-climbing configuration in the outside world is: Missionary + Paladin + Fire + Fire + Warrior. Soldiers clear buff, play fire arson, missionary clear debuff, swallow fire output, these 4 can be said to be necessary. If you can clear the front of the monster, then the Paladin can be replaced by other occupations that can reduce the agility, improve the hit rate. Of course, swallowing fire is not the only output of climbing towers, but it is very difficult for other outputs to cope with higher levels.

How to activate gem effects?

Gems have different names depending on the shape. Only gems of the same name (ie, the same shape) can activate the effects of the gem. For example, the precision target 2 set effect is a hit correction of +10%, then as long as you have 2 precise targets in the body can trigger the combination of special effects.

Why haven't I reached the destined salvation yet unlocked and explored?

Exploring the unlocking needs to achieve a destined rescue after completing the mission.

What is the difficulty, how to unlock, need to play again?

Difficulty difficulty can be understood as the second chapter, when you play to a certain degree of difficulty, there will be difficult options in the archive. Difficulties are still archived in the normal mode, and there is no difference in the current mission, but the difficulty is greatly improved. The difficulty in customs clearance mode can be up to 11 levels of equipment.

What is the difference of chaos and how does it turn on?

The chaos out of bounds is probably unlocked after defeating the difficulty model Tarrasque task, which is called climbing towers. Admission is required to unlock the chaos. After unlocking the chaos, there will be related goods, such as the Chaos Boundary Key.

How to fight chaos out of bounds, why are all MISS?

Chaos beyond the boundary needs to hit the correct entry. At present, the target of precision, the method of power, the stone of evil, and the order of the monks all have hit corrections. The main attribute required for hit correction is agility. If equipped with 4 precision targets, power will also participate in hit correction. In addition to gems, equipment and reels with level 11 or higher will hit and evade corrections.

How to obtain the precise target, the method of power, and the evil stone?

Difficulty Difficulties The last 30 floors of each map, as well as the chaos boundaries, will fall. There are 250 forest floors, 240 fog forests, 230 snow-capped mountains, 210 temples, 195 hells, 150 tombs and 115 floors in the north.

What is dust and how can I get it?

The dust of hope given by the chaos of different customs clearance is dust. At present, the highest level is 500 layers and 130 dust can be obtained.

How to get the reel material?

Reel material is a rare material for each map, and is randomly obtained from the corresponding map by name. For example, the wood forest crystal is dropped in the woods, and the high-level probability is higher. Ordinary level 1 will also drop. The heresy task rewards a large number of scroll materials.

What kind of splash fire?

The first line of each career panel is the element, which means the main attack attribute of the occupation. Do not look at the attributes of the skills to write first. Since swallowing fire is a physical property, sputtering naturally chooses physical sputtering.

Effect proficiency, treatment absorption?

The effect of proficiency is simply to increase the duration of, for example, sarcasm, and the treatment of absorption is converted to shield by treatment.

How to get 12 equipments, 13 gems?

Chaos Unbound 151 layers unlocks 12th gear, 201 layers drop while unlocking 13 gems, 301 layers drop and unlock 13 items of equipment, 14 gems, 401 layers drop and unlock 15 gems, 451 drops and unlocks 14 Grade equipment. [100 layers to unlock first-class gems, 150 layers to unlock first-class equipment].

How to get the book scraps, magic crystal powder and demonic pieces?

Book scraps are obtained through exploration; magic crystal powder can be decomposed by more than 7 gemstones or explored and acquired (general exploration can obtain enough magic crystal powder); demonic debris can be broken down through the ancient equipment, embers tasks, heresies, maps drop.

How to choose a repair card?

The output is generally 10 elements of the corresponding damage, 10 crit damage, the rest of the look of hobbies; need to use the tactics of the first anger consumption card stack to 100 (limit consumption can only be the original 20%, so the heap 80% reduction of anger is probably enough).

How to unlock all titles?

Unlock the highest level of difficulty.

How to unlock XXX career, why not brush?

In addition to the special description of the profession, customs clearance will be randomly received invitations, wash your face, go to the corresponding map to hang up just fine.

What is the effect mastery?

The effect mastery is to extend the duration of sarcasm, vertigo, freezing and other control skills, but also extend the time of gain buff.

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