Quake 1 cheats codes and hints

Cheat codes may give you some additional fun after finishing the game. In other case the original game balance will be completely destroyed. So please use on your own risk.

Cheat codes

Quake 1 for PC has a built-in command line interface called console. It is usually activated during the gameplay by pressing the tilde key (with ~ and ` symbols). Also you may use Go to Console on the Options menu.

Then a window appears at the upper part of the screen. It allows to type in commands that alter gameplay:

Alternative Text

Enter a code from the table below and press Enter to enable it. After all desired codes are activated, the Console window may be closed by pressing the tilde key again or Esc key.

god Turn on god mode
noclip Move through walls
fly Turn on fly mode
impulse 9 Get all weapons and items
impulse 11 Get the first rune. Use again to get all 4 runes
notarget Enemies become blind. They don't react on you anymore
impulse -1 Turn on quad damage
kill Restart level
give weapons Get all weapons
give ammo Get ammo for all weapons
give all Get all items

Tweak gameplay

You can also change core gameplay variables using console commands as well. After the command you need to type in a value.

sv_friction [value] Set friction while moving on surfaces
cl_forwardspeed [value] Set player movement speed
sv_maxspeed [value] Set maximum player movement speed
cl_sidespeed [value] Set player strafe movement speed
sv_stopspeed [value] Set player stopping speed
sv_gravity [value] Set gravity value
cl_rollangle [value] Set camera angle when strafing

Get items

You can get any special item, key, armor etc.

give armor shard Get armor shard
give bodyarmor Get body armor
give combat armor Get combat armor
give commander's head Get commander's head
give health Get health
give invulnerability Get invulnerability
give power cube Get power cube
give power shield Get power shield
give blue key Get blue key
give red key Get red key
give security pass Get security pass
give slugs Get slugs

Get specific weapon

give 1 Get axe
give 2 Get shotgun
give 3 Get super shotgun
give 4 Get nail gun
give 5 Get super nail gun
give 6 Get grenade launcher
give 7 Get rocket launcher
give 8 Get thunderbolt

Access specific map

map start Introduction level
map e1m1 Episode 1. Level 1. The Slipgate Complex
map e1m2 Episode 1. Level 2. Castle of the Damned
map e1m3 Episode 1. Level 3. The Necropolis
map e1m4 Episode 1. Level 4. The Grisly Grotto
map e1m5 Episode 1. Level 5. Gloom Keep
map e1m6 Episode 1. Level 6. The Door to Chthon
map e1m7 Episode 1. Level 7. The House of Chthon
map e1m8 Episode 1. Level 8. Ziggurat Vertigo. Hidden level
map e2m1 Episode 2. Level 1. The Installation
map e2m2 Episode 2. Level 2. The Ogre Citadel
map e2m3 Episode 2. Level 3. The Crypt of Decay
map e2m4 Episode 2. Level 4. The Ebon Fortress
map e2m5 Episode 2. Level 5. The Wizard's Manse
map e2m6 Episode 2. Level 6. The Dismal Oubliette
map e2m7 Episode 2. Level 7. The Underearth. Hidden level
map e3m1 Episode 3. Level 1. Termination Central
map e3m2 Episode 3. Level 2. The Vaults of Zin
map e3m3 Episode 3. Level 3. The Tomb of Terror
map e3m4 Episode 3. Level 4. Satan's Dark Delight
map e3m5 Episode 3. Level 5. The Wind Tunnels
map e3m6 Episode 3. Level 6. Chamber of Torment
map e3m7 Episode 3. Level 7. The Haunted Halls. Hidden level
map e4m1 Episode 4. Level 1. The Sewage System
map e4m2 Episode 4. Level 2. The Tower of Despair
map e4m3 Episode 4. Level 3. The Elder God Shrine
map e4m4 Episode 4. Level 4. The Palace of Hate
map e4m5 Episode 4. Level 5. Hell's Atrium
map e4m6 Episode 4. Level 6. The Pain Maze
map e4m7 Episode 4. Level 7. Azure Agony
map e4m8 Episode 4. Level 8. The Nameless City. Hidden level
map end Shub Niggurath's Pit

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Daniel · February 18, 2021 05:00 AM  
Not all cheat codes work with game Quake 1. Is it because my version of the game is 1.06?
admin · July 28, 2020 02:00 PM  
justin, just press tilde key (with ~ and ` symbols). It is located in the upper left corner on your PC keyboard right under ESC key. Enter a command and press Enter.
justin · July 18, 2020 09:00 PM  
how to enter the cheat codes on the origanl quake game on pc