Walkthrough & tips of The Bard's Tale (2018) remastered Steam version

The Bard's Tale is a trilogy of classic role-playing games about adventures in dungeons. Recently the game was published as a remastered version. The whole graphic part was redrawn. Also developers added support for HD-resolution. The original game of 1985, by modern standards, is simple, but if you have difficulties, please use our guide.

The very beginning

The first thing you should do in The Bard`s Tale is to build a team. You can leave those fighters that the game offers, and you can choose the most parameters for each hero. Just pay attention to your bard had a high dexterity, wizards had good intelligence, and warriors — increased strength. During the walkthrough of labyrinths for orientation, we will use a coordinate system.

When you first leave the Guild of Adventurers, explore the city. Visit the Armory Chamber of Garth and open the map next to the hotel on Trubnaya Street. Do not go far from the city center, you can run into a dangerous enemy. If you get damaged - visit the Temple. There you can restore your health. All unnecessary items can be sold in the Armory Chamber of Garth.

The Bard`s Tale Remastered

Visit the Energy Rosco shop, which is located at the Grand Plaza on the corner of the Gray Knife street. There you will learn how to restore spell points. This is a quick but expensive option, as long as you do not have the money - go back to the Guild of Adventurers and just wait.

After studying the city, go to the dungeon. In total there are five of them in the game, and they should be examined in a specific order. First, the wine cellar and sewerage, then the catacombs, Harkin's castle, the Kailaran tower and the Mangara tower. They are interrelated - if you break the order, you may find yourself at a critical moment without the necessary item to pass.

Wine cellar and sewerage

This is the easiest dungeon. Go to the hotel on Rahir Street and order a wine. You will open the entrance to the cellar. There will be traps, a chest and a ladder to the sewer. Get down on it. At the first level, there is nothing interesting, so just look for the staircase that leads below. At the second level, you can find numerous hints and the name Mad God. Study the location carefully so that you do not miss anything. After that, go to the catacombs.


Enter the temple, talk to the priest and tell him TARDJAN. The first level of catacombs is a survival test. If you can work it out, go below. At the second level there is a key to Mag God. Find it. In the south-west corner hides a monster, which you can not yet defeat. Get down below. At the third level of the catacombs, use the teleporter in the southeast corner to get to the Kingdom of the Magician. Defeat the sorcerer to get the Eye. Get out of the catacombs.

Harkin Castle

Harkin Castle is located in the northeast corner of Skara Brau. At the first level of the castle in the southeast corner there is a crystal sword, be sure to take it away. Now move to the northeast corner, there is a ladder down. Answer SHIELDS to the puzzle to get a valuable spell. Go north, there's a teleporter. Take the silver square and run to the northeast. There is a portal that takes you to the third level.

The Bard`s Tale Remastered

Here is the entrance to the tower of Kailaran. The answer to the Old Man's question is SCULLEY TEYWERN. When you encounter berserkers, attack them with magic. They will be reborn, so you can pump your heroes. When finished, attack the statue of Mad God, which is in the southeast corner of the level, and you teleport to the gates of the Kailaran tower.

Kailaran Tower

After teleport, take a step forward, turn right, then release the door. You will enter one of the two most difficult labyrinths in the game. Closely look at the teleports. Your first step is point 11E 12N, there is the teleporter you need. There will be a mystery, the answer to it is Stone Golem. Then you will be teleported again. After that, you will enter a large dark area. Get to point 12E 2N, there will be a new riddle. The answer is: Sinister. Go to the very north and take the silver triangle. After that, move to point 1E 6N, and then strictly to the south.

After that, you will come across the Crystal Golem. You can defeat him with regular weapons and spells, but someone in your team must have a Crystal Sword, otherwise golem will be reborn. After that, get out of the tower. Go along the snake road to the east side of the labyrinth and go into the door that leads to the west. Ahead there will be many spiders and teleports. Go past them to the southwest to point 14E 1N. From there, go to Kailaran. He will give you a key, thanks to which you can get to the tower of Mangara. Then he teleports you to the exit from the tower.

Manga Tower

Go to the Wine Cellar, teleport to point 17E 16N and go up the stairs. Then turn right and go into the door. You will be near the entrance to the Manga Tower. Go forward to the magical mouth on the eastern side of the labyrinth. Go through it and you will be on the second level. At 4E 15N, answer the question to get a silver circle. The correct answer is circle. Then go to the ladder on the south side of the labyrinth.

The third level is the most difficult labyrinth. First of all, get the master key at point 19E 12N. Thanks to him you can enter the tower through the main gate, and not through the sewer. You must find the seven words that are needed to access the fourth level of the Mangara tower. Find the tips and move to point 10E 4N. Words are LIE WITH PASSION AND BE FOREVER DAMNED. Then a staircase appears at point 3E 9N. Rise on it.

At the fourth level, your task is to reach the northeast corner of the building. After that, move to the south-west corner, there is a portal on the fifth level. There you will find a labyrinth with a pit near the eastern wall. Jump into it. To go further, you need three silver items: a triangle, a square and a circle. If you missed at least one — return to the previous locations. When you will pass, go to the north. There you will find the final battle of the game with Mangar.

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