How to play Terraria multiplayer with Steam friends

To play Terraria with friends using Steam you need to run and setup Terraria Server, which is a console app that is located at Terraria root folder. For example c:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Terraria\start-server-steam-friends.bat

Run the game first

Just run it via Steam or shortcut, don't do anything further. If you will run the server first you may get an error Steam - Error: An error occurred while updating Terraria (app running). In that case open task manager and end all processes with Terraria name.

Find Terraria's root folder

First, go to the Terraria's root folder. The location depends on where your Steam library folder is. To find it out:

  1. Run Steam client;
  2. Go to Steam → Settings in the main menu;
  3. Go to Downloads;
  4. Click on Steam Libraries Folder;
  5. Find your library folder.

How to find Steam library folders?

All games are installed under d:\SteamLibrary\. That is the primary Steam library folder. Next, go to the steamapps/common/Terraria:

Terraria at Steam folder

Run the server

In the root folder, you will find some useful files. I assume that you are using the Windows operation system:

  • TerrariaServer.exe — the main server file. Can be run stand-alone;
  • serverconfig.txt — the config file with all server parameters;
  • start-server.bat — a Windows batch file which starts the server using the serverconfig.txt file. Also contains a loopback to restart the server if it should crash;
  • start-server-steam-friends.bat — a batch file to start the server and play with friends on Steam — exactly what we need;
  • start-server-steam-private.bat — run the server, but all players will be invited manually.

Execute the start-server-steam-friends.bat file and set up the server by answering questions in the console application.

Setup the server

  1. The Terraria Server console application window will appear. You will be asked to choose the existing world or create a new one. Type n to create a new world or press number to select an existing one. Then press Enter to confirm;
  2. Now you can select the max players limit. Press Enter to set for 8 and continue;
  3. Press Enter again to set server port to 7777 which is the default;
  4. Press y and Enter to set auto port forwarding which is needed;
  5. Now set password or press Enter to allow any friend to connect;
  6. Wait few seconds until the server is initialized. Now we are ready to play with friends;

Terraria Server

Connect to the game

  1. Go back to Terraria and select MultiplayerJoin via IP;
  2. Double click to select your character;
  3. Now you will be prompted to enter IP-address of the server you want to connect to. But we also see our created world. In my case it is Soma2. Click on it to join.

Join to created Terraria server

Time to join friends

We are ready to play. Let's assume that you are a friend who wants to connect.

  1. Open Steam;
  2. Find the Terraria game page in your library;
  3. Under the play button you will find links to profiles of your friends who are playing the game right now;
  4. Find the friend who created the Terraria server;
  5. Go to his profile;
  6. Click on the Join button;
  7. Terraria will be executed. After that you will be able to select your character;
  8. Profit! You are playing Terraria with your friend.

Friend profile in Steam

Terraria Server features

As friends are connecting to your server you will see conforming messages in the terminal. Please note that you can type in a command and press Enter to execute it. You may want to ban someone for example. Here is the full list of commands:

  • help — displays a list of commands;
  • playing — shows the list of players;
  • clear — clear the console window;
  • exit — shut down the server and save;
  • exit-nosave — shutdown the server without saving;
  • save — save the game world;
  • kick — kicks a player from the server;
  • ban — bans a player from the server;
  • password — show password;
  • password — change password;
  • version — ;
  • time — print version number;
  • port — print the listening port;
  • maxplayers — print the max number of players;
  • say — send a message;
  • motd — print message of the day;
  • motd — change message of the day;
  • dawn — change the time to dawn;
  • noon — change the time to noon;
  • dusk — change the time to dusk;
  • midnight — change the time to midnight;
  • settle — settle all water.

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