WinDynamicDesktop — dynamic desktop wallpapers like in macOs Mojave

One of the new macOS Mojave features is the ability to change desktop wallpapers dynamically, depending on the current time of day and the user's location. Now it can be done in Windows 10 with the help of the free program WinDynamicDesktop.

WinDynamicDesktop is a program that automatically replaces the background image of the desktop, based on information about the time of sunrise and sunset at the location specified by the user. As wallpaper, the default is 16 images of a desert landscape, borrowed from macOS Mojave.

WinDynamicDesktop menu

I assume Apple took multiple photographs of the same spot at various intervals between sunrise and dusk to achieve those incredibly smooth desktop transition between day and night. Indeed, someone has already discovered that Mojave’s HEIC dynamic wallpaper file includes a total of 16 layers. They even offered each image as a downloadable JPG via GitHub.

After launching the program is available in the notification area of the taskbar, from where the user can manually update the current image, force the dark mode or specify a new location. You may use WinDynamicDesktop with third-party wallpapers, but there is no user interface. So you need to set wallpapers manually by editing the configuration file.

The program is distributed for free and it is an open source project. It can be installed from both the Microsoft Store and official GitHub repository. The interface language in the current version supports only English.

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