Skype will have a long-awaited feature — conversation recording

By the end of July, Microsoft will update the Skype application for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux, adding the ability to record conversations.

Skype will record conversations in video chats, including group conversations. Records will be stored in the cloud, so you can access them from any device on which the user will log into their account.

Finally Skype will allow to record conversations

New record button in Skype

Skype was released about 15 years ago and so far it has not had a built-in recording tool for conversations. Users who needed to record a conversation had to use third-party solutions.

Microsoft also completely redesigned the desktop version of the application — it received a design in the spirit of the mobile version of the messenger. By September, the company plans to transfer all users of the classic Skype to the new interface, and it will be impossible to set old design.

But what if you need to record a conversation before the release of the new feature

There are few ways to record conversations, but the simplest of is a one track record. It will catch all that you hear: your and your interlocutor's voice. There are a lot of advantages of this method:

  • By clicking just one button you will get the complete conversation;
  • no sound editing;
  • in the case of an interview or simply a guest on the air, this is the most acceptable option. Your friend will not have to do anything except talk in Skype;
  • By running a record on both sides, you will be twice as secure from lossing important conversation.

Ok, lets record some conversation:

  1. Run Skype, connect your microphone;
  2. Download a Mp3 Skype Recorder. That is a free software;
  3. Install and run the recorder. Skype will ask you if third party program can access to Skype.

    Allow access to Skype

  4. Click on Allow access;
  5. Start a conversation in Skype;
  6. Go back to Mp3 Skype Recorder. There are three main buttons to work with:

    Mp3 Skype Recorder main buttons

  7. Click on ON button to start recording;
  8. Finish your conversation and click on OFF button to end recording;
  9. Click on the button with folder and note icon to open the folder with all records.

All conversations will be saved in mp3 files with self explanatory names. For example 2018_07_21 17-24-54 matt87 Outgoing to echo123.

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