How to enable Timeline support for Windows 10 in Chrome and Firefox

Simple expansion allows you to conveniently view the history of surfing and synchronize it between different devices.

What is Windows Timeline?

One of the most notable feature of the April update of Windows 10 is the Windows Timeline function. It allows to see what programs you started and what files you opened in the recent past. You can return to any item and continue working from the place where you left off.

Press Win + Tab to open the Timeline. Here you can find thumbnails of programs and file locations you recently worked with. Use the mouse wheel or touch screen to travel in time and see what programs were opened in the past. Click on a window of any program to start it and open file that was shown in the thumbnail image.

If you have multiple devices with the same Microsoft account, Timeline will use the cloud to synchronize the history of running programs and opened files.

How to add support for Windows Timeline in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox?

Windows 10 Timeline in action

A new extension called Windows Timeline Support adds support for this function to Chrome and Firefox browsers. After installing it, Windows 10 will show not only application windows but also all the tabs you have worked with recently in the Timeline. Clicking on any of them will open the corresponding page in the browser.

If you have multiple devices, the extension will allow you to synchronize your browsing history between them. To do this, simply connect all the devices to the same Microsoft account. In addition, you can send an opened tab at any time to any of those devices to continue reading later.

Where to download extensions?

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