Easter eggs at GOG allow playing retro Ping-Pong and Snake games with a small witcher

The digital distribution service GOG added interesting easter eggs. All visitors can play for free classical Ping-pong and Snake games in retro style.

To do this, you need to enter the secret Konami code right after the website is loaded:

  • Up;
  • up;
  • down;
  • down;
  • left;
  • right;
  • left;
  • right;
  • letter B;
  • letter A.

After that, a room will appear with a game console, TV, as well as posters of Ciri and Geralt from The Witcher 3.

GOG easter egg game Snake

Game controls are arrows or W, A, D, S keys. For start press space button.

Games are made in the classic pixel style and will seem interesting for fans of the old school. In the virtual room, the developers even added a miniature Geralt, which, apparently, serves as a talisman for the player.

Ping-pong game is made of just two colors on small screen. Snake game got bigger screen and full color palette. The gameplay is also more interesting.

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