Why Fear the Wolves is not just another «royal battle». The main differences from PUBG

To stand out among dozens of royal battles, the developers are forced to experiment, while maintaining the key features of the genre. One of the most striking examples — Fear the Wolves from the Ukrainian studio Vostok Games, which consists of former developers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

What is Fear the Wolves?

The game is a Battle Royale in the setting of alternative history. According to Vostok Games, the notorious Chernobyl accident caused an abnormal zone. Extensive infection not only expelled people from these places, but also caused irreversible changes in the genome of flora and fauna.

For an unknown reason, zone has become a venue for life-threatening competitions. 100 people land in the epicenter of infection area of 25 square kilometers, in order to determine during the competition the winner who can be evacuated by helicopter.

Proximity to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and post-Soviet coloring

Fear the Wolves

It's easy to guess that the developers used the inspiration to create the setting Fear the Wolves from their other game — S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. For millions of gamers, this is not just a game, but an entire universe, which is considered one of the most unusual in the whole world. Until now, people like Shadow of Chernobyl and other games of the series, as well as numerous fashion created by the fan community.

However, Fear the Wolves does not have a direct link to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R., it's a separate setting with its own anomalies and mutants. At the same time, developers were very careful with the post-Soviet color, which in FTW is felt from the first minutes of the game. Riddled houses, furniture, weapons of domestic production and even those same cans with condensed milk — all this is in the game from Vostok Games.

Unpredictable radiation instead of a beaten circle

Fear the Wolves

The tapering circle of the game area is the basic mechanics of the Royal Battle, which ensures high dynamics and a relatively short gameplay time. The circle does not allow players to sit in one place, forcing them to move constantly. In Fear the Wolves, this mechanic is pretty much changed.

The map is divided into square zones, where fog of radiation appears. Most often it appears closer to the edge of the playing area, but you can often see it in the middle. The fog gradually expand, changing the map in an unpredictable manner. This approach often generates interesting moments and brings variety to the established genre mechanics.

Be afraid of wolves!

Fear the Wolves

Another interesting idea of Fear the Wolves is the addition of PvE. In the infected zone, you can often find mutated wolves. Most often they wander the map in small flocks of 2-3 individuals and attack the players at any opportunity. They are dangerous with their attack in the jump, which takes about a third of health.

PvE in Battle Royale is not a new idea. Hunt: Showdown from Crytek also has computer-controlled opponents, but it's still great that Vostok Games try to make the game more interesting, and not just a copy of PUBG. In the future, developers promise to add more mutants, and it's easy to believe, given what kind of cool monsters were in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Dangerous anomalies

Fear the Wolves

Radiation and mutants — this is not all that you should be afraid of those who will go to survive in Fear the Wolves. The authors of the game realized a very curious system of anomalies. Part of the map, where radiation contamination has appeared, does not immediately become deadly. Instead, Vostok Games came up with a whole anomalous cycle.

Dynamic Weather System

Fear the Wolves

Another concept that is worth mentioning is the weather effects that affect the gameplay directly. Those who played in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds remember well how Bluehole added the weather, but later abandoned it due to the fact that it introduces chaos into the gameplay. But in vain, because in the case of the Battle of the King the monotony and routine is the most terrible.

In Fear the Wolves there are several types of weather phenomena:

  • The thunderstorm — reduces the speed of movement and the accuracy of the shooting;
  • the fog — restricts the view;
  • the heat — slows the healing of wounds and covers the eyes with «melting» air, creating interference when trying to shoot at long distances.

There is even a cycle of day and night, but it only affects the visual component.

Other conditions of victory

Fear the Wolves

To win the match, it is not necessary to remain the last survivor. When there are 10 players left, a helicopter appears on one of the cells not yet infected. To win, the player must climb it on the rope. At the same time, the area around the helicopter is smoked, so you can not get into a sniper rifle and shoot other players from afar.

When will it be possible to play?

Fear the Wolves will be distributed in the early access of Steam, and the start of the open beta is scheduled for the summer of 2018. True, prices in America and Europe bite — $ 20 and € 20, respectively.

Developers Vostok Games promise to constantly release updates and share with players their immediate plans.

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