How to switch back to an old «New document» window in Adobe Photoshop CC 19?

New Photoshop comes with brand new «New document» window. It introduces a design with tabs, icons and search bar. On some computers that window may appear with a significant delay, which may come out in few minutes of waiting. I hope this problem will be fixed in new updates, but right now you can switch back to an old design.

A new design of «New Document» window

Legacy «New Document» window

How to switch back to legacy design

  1. Go to EditPreferencesGeneral in the main menu or press Ctrl + K;
  2. Turn on Use Legacy «New document» Interface;

  3. Click on OK to save preferences.

Now every time you create a new file you will see old designed new document window.

1 April 2018 14 July 2019 1755

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